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    Artist Bio

    Melba Jane is a born&raised Florida girl with a passion for bold tattoos, sharks and (almost all genres of) great music.
    Having tried her hand at ‘seasons’ for almost 7 years up in America’s lake-bordering Mid-West, she eventually realized seasons were terribly overrated. In 2017, only slightly frostbitten, she turned back to the land of 70degree winters and the call of the Atlantic ocean. Before long she made a home in the Space Coast and decided to stay & live out the island life. Tattoos, salt air & warm days!
    Melba loves tattooing in a wide array of styles from delicate fine-line & dot work, realism tattoos, colorful neotraditional, new school and traditional tattoo styles.
    You can almost always reach her at the shop, but if you can’t catch her there– shoot her a message via email or Instagram ! She’ll return your message as soon as she’s done swimming or eating empanadas…

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